“Galloway Built” means something in Greenville

“I have owned 11 houses, 5 used and 5 brand new homes. So far, this is the best experience I have ever had.”
Bob Hogan
Homeowner / Southampton Community

That statement came not from us, but from Ryan Wise, a client who wrote about our expertise and commitment to the customer. His shared that the entire building process was truly enjoyable and painless and set Galloway Custom Homes head and shoulders above other builders.

GCH-Michelin-Letter.jpgGalloway Custom Homes builds 12 to 15 custom and spec homes in many of Greenville’s more exclusive neighborhoods including River Walk, Kingsbridge, Kilgore Plantation, Hammett’s Creek, Asheton Springs, Thornblade, and Chanticleer. Forgoing several opportunities to build outside the Greenville area, Galloway Custom Homes focuses upon Greenville as its home base. Ranging from 3,600 to 8,000 square feet and in price from $350,000 to $1 million +, Galloway Custom Homes has been featured in South Carolina Homes and Gardens Magazine and Builder / Architect.

Whether you have your own floor plan or simply an idea for your dream home, Galloway Custom Homes is your choice for your custom dream home. Our homeowners benefit from decades of experience and relationships. From brick masons to interior designers, Galloway Custom Homes partners with the most innovative, seasoned professionals to provide the best in the business in craftsmanship and services. Our range of services begins with architectural design and site selection and reaches to a proven family of quality vendors offering a wide selection of appliances, cabinetry, carpeting, creative lighting and more. A family heritage of industry experience and research assists Galloway customers to make solid selections on items such as fixtures, flooring, tile, wallpaper or other furnishings.

Bottom line, from concept to closing, Galloway Custom Homes knows that quality, care and attention to detail is the key to customer satisfaction. We invite you to review a sampling of what our customers say about their experience with Galloway Custom Homes.